Curation: Archaeology of the Frivolous

Co-curated with Andrea Spaziani.

Archaeology of the Frivolous is a fully immersive, interactive lecture series and week long residency in the Chihuahuan Desert near Marfa, TX. Led by practitioners in the sciences and arts through various aspects and extremities of the landscape, we will participate in rituals, performances, lectures, concerts, and deep observation of our surroundings and their interaction with the passage of time – geologically and astronomically.

It is also a semi-secret club of lecturers, choreographers, chefs, scientists, thinkers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists, trying to bring culture and education out of the institutions and into a warm, immersive setting. An art conference that doesn’t skimp on joie de vivre. We will disconnect from technological distractions for periods of intellectual absorption; with the full power of the human attention span in robust command.”